jujube seed powder

Turmeric powder is a kind of spices, it also can be used as a medicine to eat, this is to use curcuma rhizome fashioned into a powder material


Turmeric powder is a kind of spices, it also can be used as a medicine to eat, this is to use curcuma rhizome fashioned into a powder material, have very strong spicy flavor, but also will have some bitter, can ghana seed extract rise to the efficacy of action is very much, you should know well.
Efficacy and roles of turmeric powder, turmeric powder contains a lot of curcumin can reach oxidation resistance, reducing blood lipid, but also can lower blood sugar, can protect the liver, for depression and myocardial ischemia, viral disease has a very good treatment effect, and eat some turmeric powder can prevent coronary heart disease, cancer diseases. Turmeric powder can gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract achieve very good functions of dehumidifying effect, can menstruation pain, limb numbness and pain in the joints problems when can use turmeric powder, reach the role of is very much, at ordinary times match turmeric powder and other Chinese medicinal materials can also be used together.
Turmeric can also achieve the swelling and pain, when the gingival swelling or teeth can use some of the pain, you can add a pinch of salt and water in turmeric powder decoction gargle into soup, you need to use three to five times a jujube seed powder day, so that it can make symptoms faster relief, but also has very good therapeutic effect to swelling pain, add some white wine after turmeric powder to grind into powder evenly, can make sore symptoms disappear faster.
Turmeric perennial root herb. Root stout, end) growth ovoid or fusiform tuberous roots, beige. Rhizome ovate, inside yellow, lateral root cylindrical, titian. Ye Gensheng; Leaf blade elliptic or relatively narrow, 20 to 45 cm long, 6 ~ 15 cm wide, apex abruptly acuminate, base gradually narrow; Petiole approximately half of blade, sometimes a few and leaf length; Leaf sheath width, about and petiole length. Spike dense, 13 to 19 cm long; Peduncles 20 ~ 30 cm long; Bracts broadly ovoid, per bract containing floret number one, the lutein and zeaxanthin supplements top bracts ovate or ovate, no flowers in axillary; Calyx 3 obtuse teeth; The upper corolla tube funnel, 3 crack; Stamens connectivum rectangular, filaments flat, lateral staminodes long ovoid; Under the pistil 1, ovary and style filiform, base with 2 rods, stigma 2 lips. Capsule membranous, globose, 3 disc crack. Seeds oblong, oval aril. Flowering 8 ~ 11 months.