plastic cosmetic tubes

Cosmetics hoses are essential for a commodity of cosmetics packaging. Cosmetics hoses in the cosmetics packaging: ruled out parts of the packaging container air (oxygen)


Cosmetics hoses are essential for a commodity of cosmetics packaging. Cosmetics hoses in the cosmetics packaging: ruled out parts of the packaging container air (oxygen), can effectively prevent food deterioration. Using (air tightness) good barrier property of packaging material and the sealing technology and strict requirements, can effectively prevent the packing content plastic cosmetic tubes material exchange, can lose weight, avoid food flavor, and can prevent the secondary pollution. Internal gas hose cosmetics container has been ruled out, speeding up the heat conduction, it can improve the efficiency of thermal sterilization, also avoid the heating sterilization, packaging container cracking due to the expansion of gases.
3 d printing is nearly two years of fashion trends, it combined effect of stereo vision and touch, new experience to consumers, so popular in the world. Can achieve the stereoscopic 3 d effect of high-tech printing way, the so-called enough mechanical strength, namely product hose packaging can have compressive resistance, impact resistance, resistance to bending strength, for plastic hose, also requires a good resilience, to ensure that can reply to their original shape after extrusion; In the oil resistance and chemical resistance cosmetic tube packaging performance, grease resistance and resistance to acid, etc.; Weather resistance as temperature resistance, dimensional stability, environmental stress cracking resistance and so on. Let the bionic animals impact your vision, secret forest made the three-dimensional space of the garden, mixed art printing allows you to become a scenery line of the flow of product, all become new and exciting. Packaging tube, compared with other packaging materials is very flexible for all kinds of decoration, at the same time also to produce more quickly than other materials. Packaging tube besides can choose brand favored by color, and metallic simple sense, sophisticated printing technology.
From the Angle of printing, lu: su composite hose and all plastic is plastic extrusion hose has more advantages. Because aluminous model and all plastic composite hoses are to different material made by squeezing the complex process tube lip gloss sheet, after cutting, printing process after the pipe, after or in the printed film again after extrusion compound, cutting process pipe; The plastic extrusion hose is pipe before printing, will inevitably lead to the complexity of the printing process. Cover tube separation can let consumer products will be squeezed with greater flexibility, to say the packaging tube itself is the brand and product advertising board.
Cosmetics direct contact with the human body, it puts forward high health security requirements on the packaging. Safety for plastic hose, from raw materials (raw materials particles must conform to the relevant laws and regulations, such as metal cosmetic tubes the FDA, SGS certificate, etc.), production process, production control, so, people to this kind of direct contact with the contents and skin cosmetics packaging hose, how to determine its quality conform to people's health, health needs, meet people's expectations? How to determine what kind of packaging material hose suppliers can meet the requirements of the people? So as to ensure the health of built-in cosmetics safety.