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Combines the development trend of cosmetics and packaging, the modern cosmetics packaging on the choice of packaging materials and containers


Combines the development trend of cosmetics and packaging, the modern cosmetics packaging on the choice of packaging materials and containers, packagings of structure design and packaging container decoration design, etc., basically has the following characteristics: plastic materials and composite applications in cosmetics hose range is more and more big, the packaging container, especially plastic packing tube the modelling of plastic bottles designed tend to diversification. The use of glass bottles is restricted. Due to the intrinsic defects of glass bottles (e.g., than the major, fragile, etc.) for general cosmetics, if use plastic material or composite material instead of glass containers for packaging, plastic containers or composite containers are often adopted to packaging, for high-end cosmetics or volatile and vulnerable cosmetics fragrance, such as perfume, general or using glass bottle to packing.
Diversification of packaging container specifications to meet different consumption levels. Due to the hose cosmetics market competition intensifying, the producers in the input of the hose cosmetics is becoming more and more big. Cosmetics for perfection, to meet different needs, the capacity of the container size is diversified, to facilitate consumer choice; For a plastic packaging tube high grade product, take small capacity for packaging, to meet the needs of low-income people, especially to meet the green girl curious of consumer psychology. Cosmetics hose design series. So-called series packaging design, it is to point to in a unified logo and font for the premise, with a different colour, water lines, or different modelling structure of merchandise packaging design for the tone of the same category, the requirement with the vision, with vision, both diversification, have integral feeling again.
In the practical application of cosmetics hose, there are generally two kinds of circumstances, one is: the same brand, the different function of whole series of cosmetics packaging, for consumers to buy, at the same time, make the whole price is lower than the total individual purchase price. A series of cosmetics, such as a brand to maintain the overall design style, and then use a larger container, will be set all kinds of cosmetics packaging, overall sales as a sales unit; The second is: the same brand, the same main function, but different auxiliary function of a series of cosmetics, or the same brand, the same function, but different formulation of a series of cosmetics. The needs of the development of cosmetics hose is more and more should be individualized. Cosmetics packaging must be properly convey different personality required by the consumer demand characteristics of cosmetics, different people aesthetic temperament and interest, to successfully realize the cosmetics sales.
As the cosmetics market competition is more and more fierce, the cosmetics hose businessman is to enlarge the sales of their products, but also have struggled to fluctuation full time is in the cosmetics eye cream packing tube packaging, publicity. Cosmetics packaging is a container, at the same time also is a fashionable product, it needs changing shape and rich color. Now, in this respect, glass and plastic obviously have more advantages. With the continuous development of glass manufacturing, printing, hot stamping, grinding, dyeing, glaze, such as technology mature, glass packaging fashion potential has been fully digging, as easy to shape and has a bright color, plastic has been creating fashion expert. In addition, the plastic material have can perfect imitation of shiny glass.