custom cosmetic packing

A transparent acrylic material is hard, vein, and the color white. And use the acrylic in order to be able to maintain a transparent texture line regularly into spray bottle


A transparent acrylic material is hard, vein, and the color white. And use the acrylic in order to be able to maintain a transparent texture line regularly into spray bottle, or in our country when we do the injection color model. Bottle blowing: material is PET material more.. Cover art is divided into cover, cover and screw cover three.. Blow molding is (bottle embryo directly blow in. Its polyfoil tube characteristic is that the bottle at the bottom of the bumps. In the light. Inflatable bottle: mainly by PP or PE. Thousands of akiko cover cover, flip, and three. Blowing into the bottle blowing and blowing into a process, only need one mold. Its feature lies in the strip and the bottom line.
Lu: su hose: is the inside is PE material and aluminum product packaging is outside. And traditional offset printing. Volume of the reentry after cutting. According to the pipe head points round, flat tube, oval tube. Price: pipe elliptical tube flat tube full plastic hose: full PE material, and to remove the hose after cutting offset printing, screen printing, hot stamping,. According to the tube head into the circular tube, flat tube, oval tube.. Price: pipe elliptical tube 3 flat tube, nozzle, emulsion pump, pump to wash your custom cosmetic packing hands and length measurement. Cosmetics function and role of more and more refined, and more and more cosmetics with integrated functions, class differences obviously, packaging form dazzling; At the same time, the merchants in order to better promote their products, cosmetics for the different characteristics, suitable for classification and packaging.
The name of cosmetics is various, different function, but in the context of its external form and the adaptability of packaging, mainly has the following categories: solid cosmetics, solid granule (powder), cosmetics, liquid and emulsion cosmetics, cream cosmetics, etc. Solid cosmetics packaging. Solid is relatively small, the kinds of cosmetics mainly with eyebrow pencil, powdery cake, all kinds of lipstick, etc. This kind of cosmetics packaging is relatively simple. Solid granule (powder) cosmetics packaging. This kind of cosmetic powder, talcum powder custom cosmetic packaging and other granular, powder) products, often adopts the way of packing mainly has the carton, composite box (with cylindrical box type), glass (wide mouth, small), metal box, plastic box, plastic bottles (wide mouth, small), composite film bag, etc. In general, packaging container to exquisite packaging printing, at the same time, when using plastic and metal containers packaging, often with beautifully printed cartons and cooperate.
Liquid, emulsion cosmetics and cream cosmetics packaging. In all cosmetics, the amount and type of this kind of cosmetics, packaging form is various, mainly include: various shape and size of plastic bottles (generally go through exquisite decoration printing); Plastic composite film bag (often used in cosmetics economic bag or a low-end cosmetics packaging); Various shape and size of glass bottle (including jars and narrow mouth bottle, is commonly used in the upscale cosmetics or volatile, easy penetration, cosmetics packaging, containing organic eye cream packaging tube solvent such as nail polish, hair color, such as water, perfume and toner packaging). To the form of this kind of packing, and sometimes also used to match the color printing paper box, and color printing paper carton of cosmetics sales packaging, in order to improve the grade of the cosmetics. Spray packaging of cosmetics. Spray packing is accurate, effective, simple, health, on-demand quantitative access, etc, often used in the high-end cosmetics and directional and quantitative access requirements of cosmetics packaging. In this package is sent in the form of moss, spray and other cosmetics. Commonly used spray container are mainly metal spray cans, glass spray cans and plastic spray cans, etc.