cosmetic tube

The advantages of plastic composite hose include: environmental protection. Compared with aluminium - plastic composite hose, vegan composite hoses used economic


The advantages of plastic composite hose include: environmental protection. Compared with aluminium - plastic composite hose, vegan composite hoses used economic, easy to recycle all plate, reduce the packaging waste pollution to the environment, recycling vegan composite hoses for reprocessing, can produce the low products. A variety of colors. According to the characteristics of the cosmetics and consumer demand, all plastic composite hoses with colorless transparent, color transparent, color is not transparent and so on the many kinds cosmetic tube of color, can give consumers a strong visual enjoyment. Especially the transparent all plastic composite hoses can clearly see the color of content, give a person strong visual impact, greatly promote the purchase desire of consumers. Resilience: compared with aluminium - plastic composite hose, whole cow back stretch good composite hoses, after extrusion cosmetics, hose for quick reply to the original form, always keep beautiful, regular shape. This is important for cosmetics packaging.
Plastic co-extrusion tube adopts pneumatic technology, xu will different performance, kinds of raw materials together, one-time molding. Plastic extrusion hose always divided into single extrusion hose and multi-layer extrusion hose, it is plastic laminated tube mainly used for packaging of cosmetic requirements is high, the actual use of performance requirements is not high rapid consumption of cosmetics, such as hand cream, etc.). Plastic hose co-extrusion main advantages include: transformer, not look better than composite hoses. Senior hose cosmetics packaging needs. According to the extrusion mould, can produce various shapes of extrusion hose (such as oval, square, etc.), to meet the needs of different consumers.
Cosmetics packaging AS hardness requirement is not high, brittle (different from time to tome a knock is ringing voice), transparent color, color and bluing can through direct contact with the cosmetics, food enterprises, in the ordinary course of lotion bottle, vacuum flask in general is the material of the bottle, cream bottle of small capacity. Present a transparent. C below to introduce the basic knowledge of cosmetics packaging materials: ABS engineering plastics, not environmental protection, high hardness, can't direct contact with the cosmetic, food, in acrylic cosmetics packaging materials are generally cover, inside shoulder cover material.. Yellow or milky white in color. PP, PE material is environment friendly, can be in and cosmetics, food contact directly, it is filled with organic skin care products, white, the main material of plastic laminted tube translucent material quality. According to the different molecular structure, we can realize three different hardness. PET coke in environmental protection building materials, can be directly with the cosmetics, food companies contact, organic analysis to protect skin to taste is filling technology mainly includes the material, the PET material is qualitative soft, color is transparent. PCTA, PETG belong to environmental protection material, can be directly contact with the cosmetic, food, is filling the main material of organic skin care products, soft, transparent material. PCTA and PETG soft, easy to scratch. Figure and abnormal discharge print.