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Currently used plastic hose cosmetics packaging is mainly composed of aluminium - plastic composite hose


Currently used plastic hose cosmetics packaging is mainly composed of aluminium - plastic composite hose, pull - plastic composite hose and plastic co-extrusion of hoses, can meet various kinds of need of health, such as not cosmetics packaging. Aluminium - plastic composite hose is aluminum foil, plastic film, through the pneumatic composite plate of the production process, and pump tube then through special machine processing into tubular packaging container, typical structure as/AL/PE/PEEAA PEEAA/PE. Aluminum plastic composite tube is mainly used for packaging hygiene and high barrier property of cosmetics, the barrier layer is commonly aluminum foil, the barrier property depends on the aluminum foil pinhole degree. As technology continues to improve, the thickness of aluminum foil shielding aluminum plastic composite tube reduced from 40 m to 12 m, 9 m even, thus greatly save the resources.
Aluminium - plastic composite hose in use process has the following advantages: high barrier property, aluminum foil with barrier property, blocking properties such as resistance, water resistance, prevent intrusion cosmetics internal external substances, to prevent the oxidation cosmetics, prevent moisture from the makeup or the composition such as essence of diffusion through the hose to the outside, so as to guarantee the quality of cosmetics. Low cost. In order to achieve the same blocking performance, aluminium - plastic composite hose provided material, the cost is low, the economy than the whole plastic composite hose and plastic extrusion hose.
Vegan composite hoses are plastic components, divided into vegan shine composite hose and vegan resistance composite hoses. Vegan non-blocking composite hoses are normally used for low price fast cosmetics packaging. Vegan block empty lotion tubes composite tube in tube on the edge, is typically used for lower-level cosmetics packaging, blocking layer can be contained EVOH, PVDC, such as the oxide coating PET multilayer composite materials. The typical structure of plastic block composite hose for PE/PE/EVOH/PE/PE.
Distinguish, according to the function used in cosmetic products affixed with flexible packaging can be divided into supplement and final packing. Complement pack refers to: with bottle packing for the use of packing, to build the flexible packaging is added on as a second or more contents of package. Final packaging is: there is no other use packaging, packaging with flexible packaging products to consumers is finally used. It is worth noting that as a supplement aimed at our country inland market, a third because it is mainly used for industrial products, technologies and ideas of the industrial enterprise of our country update also need a period of time, so not in the short term there aluminium laminated tube is obvious market development; But the former two kinds of packing method due to several large companies focus on the promotion, has been doing well in the market, believe that with the improvement of domestic bag welding technology, has great market potential. Flexible packaging has some limitations, but it doesn't mean no room for improvement, any packaging are perfect in step by step to change yourself, believe that the flexible packaging industry to go further.