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What are the kinds of trash can? Outdoor and indoor trash can how should choose? Trash cans factory tell you trash outside and indoor household first


What are the kinds of trash can? Outdoor and indoor trash can how should choose? Trash cans factory tell you trash outside and indoor household first, outdoor trash can have 100 l, 120 l, 240 l, 500 l, 660 l barrels of trailer, wealth barrels, outdoor pedal bin, PP single barrel double barrel, these are all outdoor, indoor have to play cover barrel, round barrel, square euro plastic pallet barrel, funnel barrel type, classification, foot barrels, etc. Outdoor and indoor select trash can first look at the scene to select the trash can, different scenarios with different bin, secondly we see material pledge, plastic and stainless steel material should adjust measures to local conditions to choose, where more than water, should avoid to use stainless steel material, to prevent corrosion emits an odor.
Household trash cans to accept all kinds of household waste, every day is surrounded by bacteria, viruses, mold, pollute indoor environment, therefore, is a shelter evil people and practices easily "nest" bacteria. Want to home health, household trash can in heavy duty plastic pallet the selection, placement and clean all pay special attention to. Trash cans manufacturers think when the choose and buy household trash can, try to choose stainless steel, some plastic trash can because the source of material sources on the market is not clear, may be with some radioactive substances or harmful volatile substances, has certain health risks, but few such problems not only of stainless steel, also easy to clean. In addition, should choose small trash can, so can make we frequently taking out the trash, to shorten the time of the spread of germs.
From the place number, home of trash can put two is enough. Much as take a place, and increase the pollution source, the kitchen and sitting room put a can. If toilet flush function is good, toilet, toilet paper can directly use the toilet stackable plastic pallets washed away, there is no need to put the trash. If it is not convenient, can put a small trash can with a cover on it. Trash can also in good ventilation, to disperse the peculiar smell of the waste in time.
Trash cans factory tell you household trash can best choice with cover the trash. Because the kitchen waste water, odor, had better choose with cover. Throw in the trash, drain off water, before sealing at any time. The trash can without cover put some dry, no smell of garbage, suitable for the bedroom or living room. Dry garbage in the waste battery, waste fluorescent tubes, silver waste plastic pallet box water thermometer, expired medicines, such as hazardous waste, also need packing and sealing. Because the bag will be broken, thus pollution trash can, it is recommended that the best cleaning once a day. Brush should be used when cleaning brush clean will crack, it is best to 84 disinfectant disappear is a poison, rinse after dry.