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To fix the new gasket on the valve core, and then put the tap in the parts installed from scratch.


To fix the new gasket on the valve core, and then put the tap in the parts installed from scratch. Rotate clockwise to the valve core. After valve core is in place, the packing nut from scratch. Be careful not to let the wrench to leave scratches on the metal. With a completely new washer to replace the old washer. Matching with the old washer is completely new gasket can usually stop the tap dripping water. You also notice the old washer is a inclined plane is flat, and use the new gasket to replace. Remove the fixed screw of the gasket. If Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo necessary, use of lubricating oil to make the screw loose. Check the screws and valve core, if there is damage to replace new one. Only when planning the gasket for cold water in hot water through the severe swelling and blocking the outlet, make the hot water flow slowly. Some washer can work in the hot and cold water, but you must conclude that you buy used to replace the gasket is the same with original. From start to install the handle and the button or the disc back. Open the water supply from the ground up, to see whether there is a leak.
After a lot of people use the faucets are used specially for the some force to tap shut some, in fact this is not an option. Faucet manufacturer analysis to do not only prevent leakage, it will cause damage to seal valve, lead to tap shut is lax. May be a lot of people are so, tap without bad wouldn't have to change the tap, actually otherwise, the faucet in the long-term use of Chinese Stainless Steel Shower Tray is easy to hide the dirt in the inside, can produce heavy metal corrosion rust easily, which is harm to human health, the life-span of faucets are used, suggest the faucet manufacturer of fixed number of year to better tap.
Now in advocating saving energy saving water, these also can start from the faucet, tap flow are standard, flow greater than small are not conducive to saving water. Water consumption is equal to the water flow rate, flow starts to waste Stainless Steel Squatting Pan time may wait a long time in the water, it is not water saving effect. Traffic is too small, can make the faucet valve problems, slag may be stuck inside the faucet, should be timely clean or replace. So this would require the faucet manufacturer to design each tap water standard.
Stainless steel is clean, environmental protection. Flipping chrome devices are easy to maintain and harmless to people, but in the process of making also needs to add some other elements. It is necessary to pay attention to the equipment is made of what material, not all countries have such a high standard of Germany. The streamlined planning is not demand too much clean. When cleaning, do not Stainless Steel Toilet China use scouring powder, polishing powder, such as coarse particles of detergents or nylon brush to clean, with appropriate shampoo, bath immersion of abating cloth rub-up, washed with clear water, with dry soft cloth rub-up.