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Leading machining process briefly. In order to satisfy the disassembling and often repeated batch processing faucet


Leading machining process briefly. In order to satisfy the disassembling and often repeated batch processing faucet, must make auxiliary fixture and mould tools, for a variety of processing requirements. First choose jig tool and workpiece adjustment of the mould processing, after the first batch production, after the inspection qualified operators in the process of self-examination, patrol inspectors, after the completion of all inspections, test qualified products into the next process. In pressure testing machine, general box Flush Retrofit Kit into the pressure of 0.6 Mpa, the faucet body into the water, watch box the connection parts and cavity sealing performance is in line with the requirements. Test qualified products to release all lead treatment, eliminate the lumen surface quality trace lead elements, the leading products more in line with the requirements of environmental protection index low-toxic less harm.
Lathe. Mainly refers to the workpiece rotation movement, cutting tool movement for the processing of rotary surface feed movement of machine tools. Divided into according to the use instrument, such as horizontal bed, CNC bed bed. Milling machine. Refers to mainly use milling cutter in the processing of machine tools on the surface of the workpiece. Usually rotary motion of the milling cutter is a major sport, (and) the movement of the cutter is the workpiece feeding movement. Drilling machine. Refers to the main processing hole of the Flushometer valve machine tool with a bit on the parts. Usually, drill rotating movement, bit axial movement as the feed movement. Leading polishing process. Grinding is refers to the use of all kinds of grinding head grinding machines or hemp wheel (cloth), high speed rotation of machining process on the surface of the faucet. Abrasive belt grinding bed. Refers to using rapid movement of the abrasive belt grinding machine grinding. Surface grinding machine. A grinding machine is mainly used for grinding workpiece surface. Grinding machine. Refers to the use of hemp (cloth) high-speed rotating wheel, grinding workpiece surfaces, make it smooth and bright, increase brightness and smoothness of machine tool products.
Leading polishing process briefly. First of all, prepare materials and abrasive belt grinding tools, grinding, adjust the machine. Faucet coarse grinding processing (60 or 80) abrasive belt, remove the surface of the rough surface and potholes, use (no. 180 or 240) of abrasive belt grinding, the surface is careful, the trim silhouette, then (320 or 400) abrasive belt grinding, 3 times the appearance of the surface of the ideal and lines clear, uniform structure connection precision work, abrasive belt, 600, make the appearance of the surface to Flush valve price achieve the ideal contour, become a real physical appearance. No obvious surface sand holes and hole defect. The last part 800 sand processing, make the surface clean. Or to make the surface smooth and bright, wire is more smooth. During this period, all processes are conducted by the quality inspector for the first time inspection, process inspection, complete inspection signature backward-shift, strict inspection, quality assurance.
External electroplating. Use the function of electron flow refers to the metal in the process of electrolysis, the restoration of metal cations in plating solution to metal elemental, deposited on the cathode surface electroplating process. Bibcock plating process is briefly. The first is ultrasonic wax, cathode electrolytic oil. Electrolytic oil, activation, coarsening, recycled mobile, neutralization, watch, presoak, sensitization, acceleration, Yang, electronegative solution, washing, neutralization, acid copper, activation, cleaning, nickel plating, recycling, cleaning, chrome plating, etc. Copper plating coating can get more fine organization, the faucet tiny flaws on the surface of Concealed Flush Valve the small pinhole, small porosity can mask, achieve a satisfactory effect. The effect of nickel plating can improve the corrosion resistance of the faucet surface, high polish. Keeps bright chrome plated corrosion, improve surface hardness, improving wear resistance. Plating surface treatment quality of judgement by acetic acid salt spray test for 24 hours (test equipment for salt spray testing machine) and the thickness of the metal plating identification of plating thickness gauge. Coating thickness conform to the standard normally, salt fog test. Appearance plating quality by the quality inspection for the entire quantity, record.