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The production of faucet casting process what is casting. Usually refers to using the molten alloy material product


The production of faucet casting process what is casting. Usually refers to using the molten alloy material product, the method of injected liquid alloy casting made in advance, cooling and solidification, and get the required shape Time Delay Tap of the weight of blank and parts. The metal mold casting. Metal casting, also known as hard casting, it is by pouring liquid metal casting, metal casting, casting method. Cast molding is made from metal, can be reused many times (hundreds to thousands of times). Metal mold casting can produce castings, now has a certain limit in terms of weight and shape. Black metal, for example, only is a simple shape casting casting weight cannot too big wall thickness is also limited, not casting small casting wall thickness.
Sand casting. Sand casting is sand as the main molding materials, casting the traditional casting technology. Sand mold casting using molding materials cheaper and casting is simple, can adapt the casting sheet production, mass production Time Delay Tap and mass production, the basic technology has long been a casting production.Tap the machining process. What is the mechanical processing. Usually, metal cutting processing car, milling, drilling, planing, grinding, drilling, such as machine tools to all kinds of machining of workpiece, the workpiece position to reach the required dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy, satisfy the design requirements.
Gravity casting. Refers to the metal liquid (copper) injection under gravity casting technology, also known as metal casting. Is made of heat resistant alloy steel casting with hollow casting mould of modern technology. Casting of copper alloy. Raw material for casting of copper alloy for leading products, has a good casting properties, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, and fine stainless steel squatting pan casting organization, compact structure. Alloy nameplate according to GB/T1176-1987 cast copper alloy process conditions choose ZCuZn40P62 (ZHPb59-1), copper content (58.0 ~ 63.0) %, is the ideal leading casting material.
The tap casting process is briefly. First of all, in the automatic hot core box shoot core machine, production of sand core, copper alloy smelting (resistance furnace smelting equipment), copper alloy as part of the molten state, sampling for chemical analysis of copper alloy test pieces and sent to laboratory analysis and spectrum analysis, chemical titration after confirm copper alloy chemical composition meet the requirements, for casting (pouring equipment for metal mold gravity casting machine), cooling solidification open mold stainless steel shower tray unloading after cleaning the export, all resistance furnace in the copper water after pouring, self-check cooling casting into shakeout machine roller ceramic sand cleaning. Next casting (excluding stress annealing heat treatment), the purpose is to eliminate the internal stress of castings produced. Will be more ideal blank into the shot blasting machine casting billet, guarantee the lumen is not accompanied by sand, scrap metal, or other impurities. For fully enclosed casting billet, the air in the water test box sealing and diaphragm seal. Finally through the analysis of the quality inspection check classification into the Treasury.