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Plastic tray is tray used in modern logistics, the use of it can be useful to ensure goods storage


Plastic tray is tray used in modern logistics, the use of it can be useful to ensure goods storage, transport, greatly improving the industrial power, ensure the swiftness of logistics delivery, and usefulness. Every customer expects the using life of the plastic tray to as long as possible, so you can tray enough to cut the cost of inputs, add the company profit income, how to useful extends the using life of plastic tray?
To learn how to use plastic tray properly before actually learn to use drum spill pallet plastic tray material tray, suqian plastic pallet, it should also be accurate way of choose and buy, pick a real excellent plastic tray, natural to use time is longer than general defect of plastic tray. Any item can have the relevant goods suggests, food plastic tray, plastic tray and tray, it has detailed the use of occasions, use methods, in the process of use, export plastic tray, is according to use instruction.
Make tray in peacetime maintenance work in addition to the need to accurately use plastic tray material tray, plastic tray, the preventive maintenance work also is very be necessary, at ordinary times only when maintenance work done, to reduce unnecessary wear and tear, found that the damage in the future will also be able to timely repair, prevent damage tray continues to spread.
Extension of plastic tray, on the whole, the way of utilizing life is accurately using peace maintenance tray in two aspects, the make each work, make the effect of plastic tray for great performance. In order to guarantee normal transportation, requires packaging products have a certain advantage characteristics, such as: the performance is stable, strong ability to resist break, need waterproof, moistureproof performance, and plastic tray with these performance requirements. Inevitably in the process of transportation to pack the goods, the packing product with multiple choice, the size of the plastic tray, specifications can be customized, and the production design is to meet the plastic pallet suppliers requirements of transport packaging industry.
The comparison of plastic pallet and wooden pallet durability: plastic tray about 10 times longer than the life of the wooden tray. Reliability: the reliability of plastic tray structure damage consumption greatly reduced tray, tray material damage and damage due to the tray, plastic tray light weight than the same wooden tray, so to reduce the weight of the transportation and cost. Health: plastic tray can wash and reuse, the United States department of agriculture is to promote the company to use plastic tray bearing products. And now the United States environmental protection agency (epa) should also realized that the plastic pallet as the U.S. department of energy (doe) and the defense department's products. Global trends: have the ec has decreed by 2001, all food, beverage, medicine transportation must use plastic tray.
Specificity: plastic tray in special commodity markets will become more and more popular, such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical industry, and can according to the requirements of different factories, plastic tray made all sorts of color, and the corresponding company logo and tags. Insurance: due to the resistance to damaging plastic pallet, workers' compensation claim collapsible pallet box corresponding decrease, and reduce the use of wood in the factory is equal to the reduce of fire insurance premium. Residual value: the used plastic tray can be according to the original value of 30% of the sales price, because the plastic tray can be sold back to the manufacturer or other entities in order to reuse. 8, environmental protection, plastic tray is environmental protection product, because they can be recycled and reused, greatly reducing the waste and handling charge.