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Tray is a small appliances, but because the tray has important function of cohesion, wide applicability and important collateral, in handling


Tray is a small appliances, but because the tray has important function of cohesion, wide applicability and important collateral, in handling, storage, transportation and packaging of all logistics links such as efficiency, are at the center position, so the pallet size, is packing size, the size of the car, the core of the size of container unit. Only on the basis plastic pallet manufacturer of pallet size. Decide, truck, car, train car, container packing box and other supporting series specifications, size and can be loading and unloading handling, storage, transportation and packaging of the rationality and efficiency. In addition, the tray of the specifications of the goods size also involves container unit size, container unit size and involves packaging unit size goods, truck body, railway freight cars, warehouse and cargo size, even relates to the logistics infrastructure, the railway station, port, wharf and other places of cargo handling the standard size of tectonic structure, loading and unloading handling machinery.
In a sense, the standardization of the tray, not just the pallet rental, tray circulation and the premise of recycling, and realize mechanization of loading and unloading handling, packaging, transportation and storage, automated decision plastic pallet suppliers factors, not the unity of the pallet size and based on the tray of the related facilities, equipment, equipment, tools, and other series standard can only do local logistics rationalization, difficult to achieve the overall logistics rationalization.
Thermoplastics such as plastic tray is the use of PEPP, add some additives, improve performance by injection molding, blow molding process. As the production conditions, storage conditions, the requirement of increasing the process control, quality management, because the wooden pallets in health status and unable to overcome the limitations of standard production, plastic tray, and quickly occupied a place. At present has been widely used in machinery, electronics, food, medicine, clothing, etc. Compared with the wooden tray, plastic tray, integral collapsible pallet box sex is good health and clean, easy to wash disinfection, have qualitative light, in use without stinging, acid and alkali resistant, no mildew etc, its service life is 5 to 7 times that of the wooden pallets. In addition, the plastic tray conform to the requirements of environmental protection, waste plate materials can be recycled. Although plastic pallet prices are relatively high, but the use of cost accounting is lower than the wooden pallets.